How to move and how to find a timetable on the bus in Southern France (Provence)

I summarized here a link to the route map, timetable about the bus route of southern France (Provence region).

How to find directions to your destination

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of Southern France, there are 200 bus lines and several train lines.

This search site is useful for traveling.


For example, if you want to move from L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to Roussillon…

When you search, you will see such search results.

The lowest way to move is to use “Trans Vaucluse” bus route.

How can we find the timetable of this bus?


Oops! Even if I click on the link destination I got a 404 error.


Trans Vaucluse site is complicated.


More kind site here.

You can also check the route maps and timetables of other buses and trains from this site.


The major tourist spots in the Provence are mostly on the line of “Trans Vaucluse”


The major tourist spots in the Provence are almost on this “Trans Vaucluse” route. So, if you are unsure about how to get to the sightseeing spot, first check Trans Vaucluse’s map and timetable.

How to check all route diagrams and timetables for each route

For Trans Vaucluse, you can see all the route map from here.

I recommend that you print this map before traveling.

Route maps and timetables will be updated from time to time, so check the latest information.

To browse the timetable of each route, return to this page and click the corresponding number.

Boarding fees are listed in the PDF of each route and they vary depending on your destination.



If you want to move from L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to Roussillon, it is line 14 to 17 or 109 so check the timetable there.

However, there are few bus lines in the low season, and connections can not be made from lines 14 to 17.

In that case I recommend that you call the line 109 to reserve a bus, or take a taxi after going to a place where you can go by bus.



Here is the Lignes d’Azur bus route map and timetable.

Other bus companies are here.


How to pay and how to get on the bus

Open the trunk of the bus yourself for baggage. When you do not know how to open the trunk, you can open it if you ask a nearby person or the driver.

Tell the bus driver your destination and pay the money. (It is often that change is not prepared)

You do not need to buy a ticket in advance.


Southern France, especially the Luberon region, has few buses in both low season and high season, which is inconvenient for access.That’s why the beauty of tourist spots may be preserved.

You will be able to enjoy it as you can move to the bus so you can easily go to various places.


If you want to check the bus route map and timetable in Aix-en-Provence city, I recommend this site.



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